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Welcome to Hypnotherapy Solutions 4 U

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Solutions 4 U

Welcome to Hypnotherapy Solutions 4 U Welcome to Hypnotherapy Solutions 4 U Welcome to Hypnotherapy Solutions 4 U




Hi, my name is Julia
I am a qualified hypnotherapist and life coach. Thanks for taking the time to look me up! Below is an outline of the different packages and services I offer, as well as further reading and testimonials for  each. Please call me on 07967808250 or email if you would like personal advice about your individual issue, or challenge!

For as long as I can remember, I have worked with clients in a talking capacity. I know a lot of you will resonate with me when I say I have been battling dyslexia since childhood. If you find the odd 'typo' please forgive me!  When I finally did manage to learn to read, a whole new world opened up for me. So much so, I became determined to travel, and see as much of actual world as I can. One of the most important things in life is to follow your dreams. Whether that's a new car, new career, a new approach to diet and fitness, or finally finding that special someone. I am here to help you decide what you want first, and devise a plan to get it!  You only get one life, make it as special and wonderful as you can. full of the things YOU love.


It will pay off for years to come.

I am passionate about therapy and what it can do for you. Whatever your challenge, I can help you to decide how best to get the results you are looking for and quickly.

You get a trustworthy and friendly manner
A caring and down to earth approach
rapid and goal focused results

I am a fully qualified clinical Hypnotherapist and Life coach DIP-HYP MHS  I am also a qualified advanced counsellor
I work from home in a private and comfortable room in the Calcot area of Reading, Berkshire. which is very accessible from Junction 12 of the M4. I can also provide telephone coaching support. What ever best suits your needs. Please have a look around my site and if you wish to arrange a FREE DISCOVERY consultation then please get in contact.


 What is Hypnotherapy?
Opinions are still divided over the exact definition of hypnotherapy, but most practitioners think of it as a natural state of mind. It is not, as many people think, a state of induced sleep! The hypnotised person may appear to be sleeping, but is in fact in a very deep trance. Every time we get engrossed in a book or film, we are in a hypnotic trance. This is the time when hypnotic suggestion can be used to help the client rid themselves of troublesome habits.

What are the benefits of Hypnotherapy?
Hypnotherapy can be used to overcome undesired traits in the client. Things such as stress, anxieties, irrational fear’s (spiders, heights, flying etc) it can be used to increase motivation, and confidence, enhance sporting achievements, and job/interview performance.
It has even been very successful in pain management. The jury is still out as to how to use the value of hypnosis in greater medical use in the future. The NHS has already started to use hypnotherapy for childbirth and dental operations. It will no doubt be used more extensively as it’s success grows.

How can hypnotherapy help with weight loss or smoking?
The main point here is that the client must WANT and DESIRE to give up smoking or lose weight.
I always tell the ‘SUBCONSCIOUS’ mind all the benefits of changing behaviour. The client will have to work with me and make a ‘CONSCIOUS’ decision to get this right. All the work has to be positive. Because giving up smoking or losing weight has to be one of the most positive things you can do in life!!
You will need to pick another source of pleasure such as fresh air, walking, a new sport or even going to the cinema. The client may risk having to have refresher sessions more often if they don’t do this. The taste of success is well worth the effort!

Does the client go ‘under hypnosis’ or ‘lose control’?
Absolutely not! The client is always in control. It has been said that all hypnotherapy is self-hypnosis. Often we drive our cars home, and find on our return that we cannot remember driving there. We have been ‘day dreaming’! However, we would still ‘come to’ if needed! The hypnotherapist is there as a guide and therapist, and has to comply with to a strict code of ethics.

How will Hypnotherapy feel?
Clients are surprised to find that they often hear every word being suggested to them. Sometimes they remember nothing, but find they are behaving in different ways very soon after the session. They often remark that they feel really good, mellow, and light, in certain cases euphoric.
When they have been in a very deep trance, they can feel heavy and feel they are sinking into a deep chair. Some clients with a light trance will be successful, whilst some will need a deeper trance to achieve their goals. Everyone is different.

How will I be hypnotised?
There are many routes to New York. All of them will get you there. There are many ways to induce hypnosis. Following our initial chat the best method will be chosen for you, and what you would like to achieve. One of the nicest for the first time client is the progressive relaxation technique. In fact many clients request it as their favourite.

What makes Hypnotherapy different from traditional therapy?
Cognitive counselling deals with life’s problems by working though them.This is where a life coach or counsellor may the best therapist for you. If you have tough life decisions to make, then you need a skilled professional to help. If,however your problems are related to the subconscious not allowing you to accomplish what you want, or you don’t know why you do certain things or behave in certain ways, then hypnotherapy may be for you.

Could I get stuck? – You can’t get ‘stuck’ since you are not ‘going’ anywhere.
Will I remember everything that happens? – You may not remember everything, but your ‘subconscious’ will.
Are there any side effects? – There are no side effects at all. (That is why it’s so safe)
Will I tell the therapist my secrets? – You will only tell the therapist what you want to tell him/her.



The Treatment Focus

The focus is to help individuals like you, heal, energize, and become aware of your inner strengths.To get rid of any phobia's or problem's caused by learned behaviors.This is achieved by providing a neutral safe space, listening to your concerns, and customising a treatment plan to get you on the right path to leading your best life possible! 


My Patient Promise

I promise to be there for you every step of your journey. The goal is to help you grow into your own skin, heal from your past, and move forward with the power to get where you want to be in your life.    



Depression & Anxiety

Depression  and Anxiety are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience in our lives. Through Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Coaching or a combination of all three, we are able to help you recover your motivation, your perspective, and find the joy and bliss that you can have in your life.  




Many individuals can experience symptoms associated with painful and traumatic circumstances.  I can help you overcome these symptoms and guide you through the process of grief and healing. Maybe Things  have happened in your childhood that you are struggling to come to terms with. Counselling can help you to move forward. 




Relationship counselling can be beneficial  for those who are looking to strengthen their emotional connection, in all stages of their relationship. Therapy sessions are supportive, but not judgemental. Sessions are completely confidential so that you can discuss issues and decide on solutions to better strengthen your relationship.

 However relationship counselling can also mean helping you move on from the end of a destructive relationship, find a loving partner, find out what has
been holding you back, helping you find and keep happiness.      


Hypnotherapy assisted Birth.

 A hypnotherapy assisted birth is one of the most moving experiences a pregnant mother can have. learning to recognise  labour and use the discomfort o of labour to your advantage,and make for a much speedier delivery! This can make for a more comfortable labour, a happy baby and happy parents. Read the article below for more information. 




A great Coach is someone who will help you create positive change in your life.

 Coaching can help with Personal goals such as finding that SPECIAL SOMEONE.  Work life balance Is Crucial to your Happiness. Many individuals want help with business goals such as getting a promotion. Finally starting that business, What ever your need or want, a better, richer MORE EXCITING LIFE  can be yours. doing more of what you love! Read the article below for more information.



Motivational Sports Hypnotherapy.

 Motivational Sports therapy of one type or another is now something no professional sports man would be with out.  So why not try it for yourself? motivate yourself to play your best game ever, every time you play!

Strengthen your game, and your resolve!

Read the article below for more information.    



A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an animal, object, situation or place. it could be a feeling, real or imagined that is holding you back from enjoying your life. Hypnotherapy is well known for being able to get into your subconscious mind and changing your long held beliefs.Do not suffer needlessly. Read the article below for more information.  




 Weight loss is the baine of our lives these days. but many of us have unrealistic health and fitness goals. you don't have to be the fittest or slimmest person you know. Just the best that you can be, given your chosen lifestyle. look at your health goals again, and this time, for the last time. you are going to nail it!  Read the article below for more information.



Gastric Band Weightloss

 Gastric band weight loss is for people with more than 25 lbs to lose. Hypnotherapy can allow the body to think that a gastric band operation has taken place with out the pain or cost of a real operation.  Small nourishing meals will be all that's required to afford a great weight loss. please read more information below.    



Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band

Positive Planning!


 Thank you for seeing me last Thursday.

As you know, i went to London last Saturday........

I was fearing the tube etc..... Well I went on the tube, and in all the other enclosed spaces!....... I am so grateful for your treatment, It has worked YIPPEE!

Regards and Best wishes 


Positive Planning!

Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band

Positive Planning!


 I went to see Julia for some help with Life mapping and positivity. I had two sessions with her, and was instantly aware of some changes having taken place.

I found the sessions professional and relaxing. 

Julia instantly made me feel calm.

I would like to thank Julia for helping me break through some self doubt and uncertainty, (I now run my own successful business) and i look fwd to more sessions with her.


Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band

Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band

Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band


 Hi everyone,I am Bel and i am useless at writing reviews so please bear with me. Nine weeks ago, I had a virtual gastric band fitted by Julia. I am really pleased with the results so far! not only have my eating habits and food consumption changed, but I am feeling the results of the hypnosis in other ares of my life as well. 

Change Direction!

Change Direction!

Virtual Hypnotherapy- Gastric band


 Julia has been truly instrumental in helping me to change  my life for the better in an energising and productive way. Her guidance and encouragement on my journey to a better way of living has been absolutely invaluable. I always feel positive after our sessions. I would recommend her unhesitatingly to anyone seeking support for those problems that seem insurmountable- with Julia's help they are not!


Enjoyable Therapy.

Change Direction!

Enjoyable Therapy.


 As a trained Therapist myself, I am often critical when receiving services. but I can honestly say that Julia is Amazing.  She is so friendly and welcoming, I immediately felt relaxed with her.

Although she is incredibly professional, she is also 'Real' and great fun. I trust her implicitly, and 100% RECOMMEND HER SERVICES!


Bel- Continued.

Change Direction!

Enjoyable Therapy.


Only after we had the four week follow up did I realise I had changed my mind set completely. Deep rooted perceptions about food, self image, and dare i say it self believe have changed. After years of crash dieting and self loathing, I am rediscovering myself again. I am phyiscally fitter, and mentally stronger, and although i am not at my goal yet, i know that i will get there. Thanks Julia for being by my side in my rediscovery journey.





A phobia is an overwhelming and debilitating fear of an animal, object, situation, place or feeling. Hypnotherapy is well known for being able to get inside your conscious mind, and change a few of your long held beliefs. Hypnotherapy can be life changing if you are a sufferer of chronic phobias.

A phobic’s symptoms are much more pronounced than just being fearful or scared. The phobic can experience an unrealistic sense of danger and fright. You can have exaggerated feelings about a situation or object. Even though intellectually you may know the feelings are unreasonable or unrealistic, you can’t seem to help yourself. 

If the phobia becomes very severe, you may start to arrange your life around the things that are causing you anxiety. As well as severely restricting your day to day life, it can also cause you considerable anguish. 

Phobias can be associated with a particular event, incident, or trauma. A phobia may be a learned response copied from our parents. If your parents hate spiders, you are more likely to be scared of spiders too. Genetics also have a role to play. Some people are born with a tendency to be anxious or shy. 

Certain phobias can be very severe and life changing. Complex phobias such as agoraphobia can be very disabling indeed if left untreated. This phobia is commonly thought to be the fear of wide open spaces, but often the person may be avoiding situations such as not wanting to travel on public transport. Not wanting to face crowds of people. A general feeling of acute anxiety when outside, can be enough to make the person want to stay indoors.

So, what to do?

Many people will choose to live with a phobia and just put-up with the symptoms. It often depends on how likely you are to encounter your phobia. If it is flying for instance, then you can avoid flying. ( very sad because hypnotherapy can easily fix this one.) You can avoid snakes fairly easily in the UK. However, if it is the fear of going outside, Agoraphobia, then you have a problem.

Phobics’ will take great care to avoid the object, animal or situation. However if you continue to try and avoid whatever you are afraid of, you can often make the situation worse.

Simple phobias can be treated through gradual exposure to the situation, animal, place or object. This is known as desensitisation therapy.

This is where Hypnotherapy can be an invaluable tool to help overcome simple phobias. Phobias such as flying, spiders, bees, heights, public speaking can be treated successfully, often after only one or two treatments. Clients often come back for a Top-up just before a long flight, or before an important speech or interview.

Treating complex phobias however, can take longer. This may involve counselling or life coaching as well as Hypnotherapy. Clients are always made to feel calm, comfortable and able to talk freely about their problems. Issues and anxieties can be frightening but are able to be addressed. Your life will improve beyond all your expectations.

Please feel free to have a call and have a no obligation discovery chat about a course of action that will bring success. 

Please  call to discuss your own particular cicumstances.  

Weight Loss

Dynamic Weight Loss Programs



So you want gain control of your weight? We offer a choice of ways to set you on the right track.
Gastric band hypnotherapy procedure (see our gastric band page) Or our Dynamic weight loss program may be for you.

Our weight, and by definition, what we look like, is an issue that can take over many of our lives. The continual struggle with your weight can sap all of your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Controlling your weight can therefore change your life. You gain in so many other ways. Not just the way you look, but the way you feel about how you look. The way you feel about how others see you. Your self-esteem and confidence will soar. You may feel in control for the very first time!!

The treatment covers self-image issues; you will have a new found respect for your body and what it does for you. You will begin to treat it as your friend, not your enemy! You will develop a taste for healthy food, a healthy life style, and you will feel younger, fitter, sexier, and happier, than ever before.

Have you always felt deprived? Guilty? Self-conscious? Have you ever tried to kid yourself about your habits? (Eating from the fridge at night? Hiding food? Eating from packets or tubs??) Eating to entertain ourselves. Over eating, then feeling over full and hating yourself? Feeling out of control? Eating because you are bored, upset, and emotional, lonely, unloved, or for absolutely no reason at all? The food industry has become ingenious at adding fat and sugar to our diets. There were no mars bars in the middle ages! We eat because we can. Food is relatively cheap. Have you been taught to clear your plate? Food is just as wasted on your waist!! Do you hate clothes shopping? Have you given up on yourself??

Well you can change!!

Are you determined to fight your impulses and win? Do you want to achieve permanent weight loss? Do you need the confidence and self esteem to see this through to the end?

Hypnotherapy can help you tackle this once and for all. No diets, no fads, just sheer determination. You will feel relaxed but in control. Your attitude to food will change. You will break your old cycles and creat new ones. We will find your reasons for over eating, and change them one by one!




“I contacted Julia regarding some help with dieting. I had been trying to lose weight without much success for ages, and felt that hypnotherapy was worth a try.

At the start of my session we discussed what foods/treats that I thought were my downfall, and this allowed Julia to personalise my session.

In the 4 months since my session I have lost 1 stone and 5 lbs, and more importantly I have kept it off in spite of going on holiday and regular meals out.

I would thoroughly recommend this lovely lady for any therapy that you might be considering”.

Barbara from Tilehurst.

stress management




We all have to deal with stress. In many ways,

Try to avoid, or at least restrict your consumption of drinks containing caffeine or alcohol. Nicotine, even chocolate can sometimes make you feel spaced out. You could even try them out one at a time to see which one affects you the most. Try to cut out the Nicotine, or Alcohol altogether if you possibly can. They are of course all stimulants and they do just that.  

Managing your time is one of the best pieces of advice ever. We have all heard the expression work smarter not harder, well it’s true. If you can get organised so that things run smoothly, your life will be transformed. There are many tools and tricks out there to help, never miss that deadline, meeting, anniversary or birthday again.

Just talking to someone, your friends, family or even a professional, can make all the difference. 

Make time for physical activity as part of your week. Stress can cause the fight or flight hormones to go crazy, as you navigate you’re stressed out work life balance. So although you don’t really have to run from a grizzly bear, your body thinks you do. Physical activity of almost any kind can help get rid of excessive stress hormones and restore your body and mind to a calmer and more relaxed.

Learning to say NO. This is one of the most important things you can say to protect yourself against stress. No need to be rude……… But you do not have to everyone else’s work as well as your own. You can practice saying, ”I can’t help you with that right now as I have other commitments” or “Now is not a great time for me as I am in the middle of something”. “Could you ask me again next week”? Again this takes practice, but the dividends will really pay off.

Try Relaxation Techniques.

One simple way is focus on one word or phrase that you find has a positive meaning for you. Such as love, peace or calm. Or self-affirming mantras such as “grant me peace and serenity” or “ I am getting stronger every day”. Don’t worry if your mind wanders at first. Every time you feel your attention wandering, just renew your focus. Start with just a minute, and work up to three. Relaxation is a skill that has to be learned. 

If any of the above techniques, need more discussion, practice or help, please feel free to book a discovery call on 07967808250.






Are you are looking for an alternative solution for losing a lot of weight?
Do you have 25lb or more to lose?

Have you tried every diet in the book? Twice?

Have you considered a gastric band operation?
Are you put off by invasive surgery?
The level of risk involved in a major operation
Possible pain, considerable scarring, potential deep vein thrombosis, and the possibility of infections?
Have you taken the cost into consideration?
Cost’s can be considerable, (up to £5000) and the recovery time has to be factored in.

Are you really committed to losing weight and improving your life?

Then maybe Gastric Band Hypnotherapy is for you.
Gastric band hypnotherapy uses hypnosis and visualisation to powerfully suggest to you that you have had a gastric band operation.

You will find that your stomach feels much smaller and you will only be able to eat small nourishing meals.
You will find that you want to eat freshly prepared food.
You will find that you want to exercise.
Did you know that walking is one of the best ways to tone up without injury?
You will find that you have much more energy.

As a qualified Life Coach, I am in a unique position to help you uncover any emotional problems that maybe holding you back.
Together, we can find out why you over eat.
We can put strategies in place to help you achieve your goals.
If you are prepared to work hard, you can achieve, a healthy, toned body,
Together, we can change your eating habits forever.
The Course of treatment is 5 x 1 hour-long sessions. The cost of the full
treatment is £400 Payable before the first session.

1) Find out what is holding you back, what habits you have fallen into? How can we change them? It is very important that we do this preparation to fit in with your life and commitments.

2] Visualisation, how would you like to look?

3] Preparation for your Gastric band operation.

4] Gastric band operation.

5] Gastric band Adjustment, resetting goals affirmation of suggestion’s

Gastric Band Hypnotherapy may not be for everyone. Please call for a
free chat on 07967 808 250. I would be happy to answer all your
questions and queries and explore the potential to change your life.




First of all congratulations! A new baby is a wonderful time in a woman’s life, but good preparation cannot be emphasized enough!!

We all know that giving birth can be a very scary time. Leaning to relax and look forward to your new baby is such a joy. A relaxed new mum also means much more chance of a relaxed new baby!

I aim to teach you to relax into birth helping to minimize the pain, but also minimize the amount of drugs you may need.

In five sessions to suit you, you will learn to relax in the last few weeks, to recognise labour, how to relax into the feelings it brings, how to best share this with your partner and how to bond with your baby when its born.

Learning to relax with your baby.

 Choosing  your special place and learning to take yourself there

Recognising labour, discussing a birth plan ( choosing the right one for you) and  experiencing joy and excitement instead of fear and panic.

A session for both you and your birthing partner. Ways that your partner can be involved, and help to make the experience more relaxed and calm.

We will cover the many birth options open to you and decide on a birthing plan.

Please feel free to call and have an informal chat to answer any questions you may have.



My name is Helen, I had a course of hypnotherapy sessions before the birth of my daughter. I found the sessions really relaxing, I found myself able to relax far more at the birth than I would have anticipated. I am sure this lead to less pain and trauma than would otherwise have been the case. Will defiantly be coming back next time!

I had several hypnotherapy sessions with Julia prior to my daughters birth. I felt able to take myself to my special place. I am sure that my husband and I were able to relax during the birth more than we would have. Whilst I can’t say the birth was pain free……. I certainly think it was a nicer experience for having the treatment.



What is life coaching?

Do you want to change your life for the better?Well Here’s where we can make dreams come true!

Life coaching is a talking therapy. It can be used when you have big life changing decisions to make. It can be used when you don’t know what to do for the best, or which way to turn. It can be used to get some clarity with which to make a difficult decision. Or maybe you feel you are under achieving. You may want a better job. You may have problems with managing money. You have come to a big cross roads in life, such as marrage, childbirth, or retirment, Life coaching can find you a way to cope, manage and thrive!!

Life coaching is one of the best ways to be the best you can be!
To make the very best of your gifts and talents!
To drop old unhelpful habits!
To stop using destructive behaviour!

Some questions you might want to ask your self. Spend some time really thinking this through! What obstacles have you put in your own way?

Do you really know what you want?
Do you have any right to want it?
Are you willing to work to achieve it?
(You may have to work really hard!!)
Are you even being realistic?

Do you know your limitations?
Are your expectations too high?

Are they high enough?
Do you expect Achievements to be handed over on a plate??

Have you done all you can, with a relationship, a job, and a way of life?? Do you need a new direction? A new challenge??
(Are you too scared?)

Do you need more confidence to make things happen??
Do you want to start your own business?
Do you feel you need a new hobby?
Or to make some new friends??

Maybe a few affirmations will help! Start saying them to yourself. 

Be The Best you can be!
Start living your dreams!

Accept nothing less than the best!
You will need to work hard!

Have the best journey!
Enjoy life on the way!

How to lift your game! Decide on a plan.
How are you going to get what you want without a plan.

Who are you?Who do you want to be!?

Who would you like to be?
And what have you got to do to get there?

Shed your old self!
Create new habits!

If you keep doing the same, you will keep getting the same!!

Fail to plan, plan to fail. we have heard it all before but it is TRUE. One of my favorite sayings is Common sense, but not common practice. You decide what your dreams are, and decide to put them into practice.

Call for a free discovery call about how we can change things for the better!


Please also check out my Creative Sparks website.




If you suffer from anxiety, then you will know how debilitating it can be. Everyone suffers from fear and anxiety sometimes. This a quite natural and normal reaction to specific events, or situations. Often it is essential, designed to keep you safe. Getting out of the way of a runaway train for instance, requires quick reactions, extra oxygen, and adrenaline to make things happen quickly!

 Sometimes anxiety can result from an unresolved medical condition.

The problems arise when the anxiety is present, but has no issue to deal with. The fear and anxiety you feel, is out of all proportion to the actual perceived danger.

Uncontrollable and irrational worries that can start to take up a lot of your time, need to be dealt with quickly. GAD (generalised anxiety disorder) can develop in childhood or Adulthood. Social anxiety disorders, are also common in both children and adults. Coping with anxiety on a regular basis can be very challenging, not to mention time consuming.

Constantly worrying about panic attacks, (that may never happen) worries about outcomes of situations that, again may never happen can severely restrict your ability to live your life, your way. Therapy can really help to gain perspective, through dissuasion, discussion, and rational thinking. Learning coping mechanisms can really help.

Anxiety symptoms include, but are not restricted to the following,

Feeling nervous, restless or tense for no reason.

Having a sense of impending doom.

Feeling an increased heartbeat.



Having trouble sleeping.

Feeling weak and tired all the time.

Being Unable to concentrate.

Having the urge to avoid things/ certain people /events.

Experiencing gastrointestinal (tummy) problems.

Different types of anxiety can include


The fear of places or situations, that might make you feel embarrassed, trapped, helpless or out of control.

Anxiety disorders caused directly by a medical condition.

Panic disorder.

Physical feelings of sudden, fear, terror, intense anxiety. Shortness of breath, chest pain, pounding or fluttering heart. (Palpitations). This leads to worries about when more attacks may occur.

Separation anxiety disorder.

This is a childhood disorder that is related to the loss or separation of one or more parents or parental figure’s.

Social anxiety disorder. 

Involves the avoidance of social situations due to high levels of fear and anxiety that could be caused be acute self-consciousness, acute concerns about being judged or viewed negatively by others.

Anxiety caused by phobias.

See phobias section.

Substance induced anxiety disorder.

Anxiety or panic caused by mis-use of drugs or alcohol. Prescription Medications over use, and or being exposed to a toxic substance.

To conclude, your symptoms may not go away on their own. They could get worse over time.

If you feel that your anxiety is interfering with your life, your relationships or your career too much. If you are finding it difficult to control your fears, then call for a discovery chat about how we can work together to help resolve these Issues.




The method of counseling chosen should depend on you. Counseling can depend very much on your personality and your ability to talk or listen. Some people just want a shoulder to cry on, and somebody to listen to their problems. Others really need advice or help with making decisions. Still others may need another way to look at situations, perhaps giving you a different way forward than the one you had envisaged.

Sometimes when circumstances cannot be changed, a better understanding of how to deal with them can help. Accepting things you cannot change is always difficult, but if you change the way you look at life, maybe life can become more comfortable.

You need to find a counselor who you feel you can empathise with, who you feel is sympathetic to your needs, and whom you feel has your best interests in mind. Someone who will encourage you to make sense of the situation you find yourself in, and find ways to make changes.

Always think about what you would like to achieve before getting in touch with a counsellor. You can always change your goals as time goes on, or perhaps in the light of new information.

With this in mind I like to provide a 20 minute  discovery phone call to decide on the way forward, if together we can make a difference.




‘Julia has been truly instrumental in helping me to change my life for the better. She has done this in an energizing and productive way. Her guidance and encouragement on my journey to a better way of living, have been absolutely invaluable. I always feel so positive after our sessions. I would recommend her unhesitatingly to anyone seeking support for these problems that seem unsurmountable. With Julia they are not.


‘ Thank you for seeing me last Thursday.. as you know I went to London on Saturday….. I was fearing the tube etc…! Well I went and I was absolutely fine on the tube and in other closed spaces…! So I an so grateful for your treatment. it has worked Yippee! Regards and best wishes. Chrissy  

HYpno sports coaching



What is Hypno-Sports Coaching?

Good Question!

Do you spend hours training for your chosen sport? Of course!
Do you spend any time AT ALL preparing yourself mentally for the challenges that face you? I didn't think so.
It is now common practice for world-class athletes to train their minds as well as their bodies to be mentally strong!! So why not you?

How much do you think your performance could be improved by training your subconscious mind? No one has to be trained to catch a ball, we do it instinctively. How much better would your performance be, if you could improve, and train, your instinct!

Instead we limit ourselves by,

1) Allowing our opponent to intimidate us!!

2) Indulging in Pre-match/game anxiety!!

Either of these will give the opponent a huge advantage and change the results for sure!

3) Hanging your head if you make a mistake / miss a shot/ goal or pass.

The results of all your training or practice will come to nothing if you can’t mentally pick your self up and move on if you let one mistake put you off the whole game! You need to FOCUS on the one step at a time mentality to prevail.

4) Critical self talk, Negative inner voice, what ever you want to call it, it must be stopped.

You will improve all of your endeavours if you think positively. Your Mantra should be,’ Don’t believe all you think!!’ How true that is. Coaching can help you stop tripping your self up with negative self-belief.

5) Recurring limitations. If you start thinking, “I always do this at this point.” “ I always get tired here.” You are putting in place a self-fulfilling prophecy. There is a great saying, if you keep doing the same, you will keep getting the same! Coaching can change unhelpful habits.

6) Hypno- sports therapy can help you mentally deal with pain and fatigue, so that you are better able to cope with it, break through it and get the results you want!

 So.... how much better would your performance be if you could beat anxiety, intimidation and nerves?

If you could focus on the next few minutes of your game, and not let your mind wander?

If you had belief in yourself, and could always hone your game so that you always play your best game ever?

That's why you need a Hypno-Coach



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